What is this?

This is a non- accredited private school that offers natural healing methods through a series of lectures and tutorials which helps every student learn the biochemistry and physiology of the human body.

This school is not for everyone! Who is it for?

It is for the esoteric seeking individual who desires to become their own physician.  There will be a day in the future, where our body does not seem as a mystery and everyone will know how to heal themselves. I also believe in protecting intellectual property and remaining exclusive to information unknown to unworthily individuals.  

What do I teach?

I teach the gene expression through the food we eat.

I teach the inflammatory response through my own clinical experience.

I teach how intracellular chemical reactions diffuse from neurological signaling.

I teach how herbs activate enzyme stimulation to revitalize the body

Just as a mechanic dedicates his life to repairing cars, I have dedicated my life to the regeneration of man and woman.

I believe in continuous study to maintain currency of information being released in the modern world of herbology and chemistry. I know Nature is the only way of healing natural sentiment being and with this teaching, I have learned over the years, herbal methods that have help reverse many said conditions and have sent them into remission.  I wish to share some of these jewels of wisdom in hopes that my students will help heal others as well. We are all healers, but we must spread this knowledge wisely because this information can be used to gain power over people, which can either help or harm someone.

The classes taught are simplified medical lessons based on my clinical history as well in my personal research. Each class, I bring cutting edge information that won’t be taught by your average physician, professor or doctor, therefore as I learn new things, you get the benefit of knowing them. I also want my students to know that I am self- educated for over 12 years and the environment I propose is a guided education. I take great honor in being your guide to help further your own health knowledge.

Join us

If you’re thinking about joining our school, full participation is expected when you register for Shalom membership plus package. This package gives you access to Health Tutorials, Live class discussions, website articles, and discounts on products.

The course will involve self- experiments that may improve your health. These methods will help you understand the many mechanisms of the body and what you can do naturally to heal. So, if you have a health condition please contact me before we perform the experiment.